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Once a man is taught to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. This quote, with its insight on learning how to prosper, was principle in the roots of Sinitus Tempo, who at an early age saw the intellectual fruit of underground hip-hop in his older brother. Now with 13 years of crafted production in his strongbox, the professed “King of Inflected Pitch” is taking antique sounds and sculpting them into jewels for future hits.


Loyal, but tight-nit is the persona of Sinitus Tempo. Working alongside childhood friend and producer Doc Battle. His confidence is encouraged by a strong history of collaborations with artists such as MED, Add-2, yU of the diamond district, pyramid vritra, Azizi Gibson, Ciscero, Sammus, Substantial, Jun Chikuma (Original Creator of the Bomberman Soundtrack) and many more. With that he has also worked side by side with roll 7 and devolver digital on their ps4 campaign for "Not A hero", And has also been praised by funimation ent. for his mixtape "A tribute to funimation". In which he has now built a strong relationship with the company. 

Sinitus Tempo has also done a numerous amount of fundraisers, including Hiphop for flint and working along side good friend Megaran.

The seeker of vintage vinyl keeps his future motives in front of him, making plans to collaborate with the likes of flying Lotus, Yukimi Nagano, Common, Bonobo, Koop, The XX, and many more along with finishing his own manga/anime series 'Allure: the evening primrose".




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