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With every genre of music comes an artist who wants to be the best, then you have those who simply want to create a new genre of music. Sinitus Tempo, creator of a sound using inflected pitch called “nu-jazz” is paying homage to America’s most beloved methods of musical delivery and merging it with electronic, hip-hop and rock nuances. He consistently appears on a variety of Spotify’s playlist with his most streamed track “End of The Line” reaching nearly 600,000 plays.

Born as Nathan Peters on March 1st 1989, the artist known as Sinitus Tempo has used the last decade to grow from using techniques such as “looping and adding” to being a multi-instrumentalist who writes and composes his own music. In his youth, he enveloped his ears with the production of hip-hop legends such as Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Oh No, Madlib and MF Doom. Influenced by contemporaries such as 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus and the late Nujabes, Sinitus Tempo began to do his own digging and with the manipulation of pitch he began to master the reinvention of classics using the infamous Fruity Loops and MPC 1000. In 2010, the gamer in him took a turn towards producing for video games and animation that introduced him to a different crowd of music lovers. Within a year, Sinitus established himself among the anime community through the release of four highly-praised tributes to Claymore, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and Soul Eater. Once he found his niche, the change in tune and audience garnered him looks from Sony Entertainment’s  Funimation who licensed the pop-culture phenomenon, DragonBall Z.

Since making the decision to focus more on instrumentation than sampling, Sinitus Tempo has taught himself how to play the piano, the drums and both the electric and bass guitar. His use of Qchord along with iPad Beatmaker 2 & 3 allows him to play with sounds that give him the full-bodied jazz band that he has formatted to create a beautiful masterpiece. Taking style tips from Bonobo, Koop, Don Harper, Janko Nilovic and Sven Libaek, Sinitus transformed himself into an artist on the brink of establishing a sub-genre which pairs the harmonious tunes of trumpets and saxophone melodies to  drums and various electronic rhythms. His long-awaited project Black is the first of its type coming from Sinitus Tempo as it is entirely composed by him with all original instrumentation and melodies. Only his second album among a number of digitally-released electronic projects, Black is a nu-jazz debut that melds a triumphant history told through hip-hop and jazz with tracks giving off every vibe from sultry to solace.

Rising from the underground to more visible platforms, Sinitus Tempo continues to deliver a more pronounced sound that lends him to the eclectic tastes of audiences in North America and Australia along with countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. As he improves upon what he knows and stays true to what he likes, the musician is staying in tune to produce concepts that change the way listeners approach music.





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